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Big Brother Mk1
Hersteller Wolfe Designs (Julian Wolfe-Patrick) Big Brother Mk1
Bild von Big Brother Mk1.
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Kategorie Zweileiner
Unterkategorie Ballett
Spannweite 249 cm
Standhöhe 112 cm
Gewicht 0 g
Segel Segelmaterial
Gestänge Structil 5.5
Windbereich 1 bis 4 bft
Preis 0.00 €
Baujahr 1990
Eingetragen am 2010-06-07
Besonderheiten Ich zitiere mal ein paar der wenigen im Netz auffindbaren Kommentare rund um den Big Brother:

1. (http://www.kites.tug.com/kites/Revfaq/Big_Brother.txt)

Big Brother (I,A,B) $$$$$
Sam Rouse March 1993

Manufacturer: Wolfe Designs (manufactured in France)

Materials: sail - 3/4 oz Carrington ripstop
Spars - Wolff Design SPC, a very thin-walled pultruded
graphite that is custom-made for Wolff & has
his trademark; don't know who actually produces
Wind Range: 1- 20 mph (.5- 9.0 m/s)
Span: 8'2" (249 cm)
Height: 3'8" (112 cm)
Type: Delta w/swallowtail

Flight Review:

"This is the best performing kite I have flown (though I haven't yet
tried any of the hot new wings that have been getting rave reviews).
It flies fairly slowly, but responds in a very precise and predictable
manner to control input; it takes a very light touch. It is very
stable at the edge of the wind window and controlled stall maneuvers
are easy. It will fly in the slightest puff of breeze (I have flown it
in wind that wouldn't even turn the blades of my Turbo Meter, though I
did have to work it a bit). Despite this, it is harder than one might
expect to fly 360s due to its slow speed. Although overall
performance [seems] best at winds of around 7 or 8 mph [3 or 3.5 m/s],
I enjoy its characteristics in light wind and on the edge enough that
I want to keep it that way & so likely won't fly it in any wind over
10 mph [4.5 m/s]. I'm not a competitive flyer, but I expect it would
make a good ballet kite - it is very precise yet responds well enough
to different line tension, stalls, etc. that I think it lends itself
more to ballet than precision. Very graceful in flight."- Sam Rouse
March 1993

Construction Review:

"Big Brother is exceptionally well constructed, with few details
overlooked. Key design criteria seem to have been minimizing weight
and providing the smoothest possible airflow, as well as other
aerodynamic considerations that I don't understand well enough to
discuss. Some examples: 1) Reinforcement weight is kept at a
minimum. Leading edge pockets are made of a double layer of the same
fabric as the sail, with small diamonds of heavy dacron around stress
areas (barely enough to surround the holes). Seams are simple
overlap-and-sew (no folds); this also seems to minimize airflow
disruption (though it doesn't look as tidy up close and may not be as
strong). In another airflow preservation measure, bungees at the
wingtips are knotted inside of the leading edge pocket. 2) Standoffs
are made of the same material as the frame, and fit into closed vinyl
caps connected to the spreaders and sail (no protrusion at all in
front or back). Reinforcing where the standoff connects to the sail
consists of 7 long oval-shaped patches of sail material arranged in a
pattern radiating out from the attachment point and folded around the
trailing edge, making the area of greatest stress 15 layers thick and
distributing the stress over a large area. 3) Vinyls have a two-part
construction - an outer sleeve of thin-walled vinyl (for strength and
rigidity) and a softer inner sleeve of some other, sort of oily-
feeling material (neoprene?) which has the odd but wonderful
characteristic of maintaining a solid grip on the rods while never
getting stuck to them (always easy to assemble & disassemble). 4)
Tail of sail is attached to the keel with a velcro system to allow
compensating for sail stretch. 5) No metal anywhere on the kite (nice
to not have to dispose of those ridiculous boatanchor swivel clips on
the bridle that so many mfgrs are still obsessed with! 6) Very light
framing material is used; very thin-walled. It seems to be comparable
to the Beman "Diva" spars used on the Chicago Fire Bees but with even
thinner walls. This is the lightest kite I have flown. 7) Finally,
and perhaps most important to the performance of the kite, it does not
have a flat sail - only when the standoffs have been put in place,
making the sail taut and imparting a slight curve to the leading
edges, does the kite assume its real shape. The tautness of the sail
also makes it very quiet in flight. Seams use a wave stitch combined
with a straight stitch; the material appears to have been glued prior
to stitching.

The only nit I have about the construction is the absence of vinyl
stops on the leading edge spars (front or back); the vinyls at the
spreader attachment points tend to slide. Not sure why these were
omitted since so much attention was paid to everything else (maybe a
weight tradeoff, but if so, a bad trade IMHO)." -Sam Rouse March 1993

2. (http://www.gwtwforum.com/index.php?topic=816.0)

"First major kite was the Big Brother which went for BIG MONEY back in The Day™. How much ? $450 in 1991 dollars when a then-new NSR was $250. Very high quality build with lots of detail. How does 7 overlapping pieces of ripstop, arranged like a petal, at the standoff reinforcement grab you ?" 

Big Bang Big Lift

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